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September 12, 2023 Approved Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2023 Approved Meeting Minutes

Fairway Elementary PTO 

Executive Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 9:30 – 11:10 AM


Attendance:  Lisa Israel, Anna King, Jeanne Flowers, Trish Svendsen, Sarah Lynch, Elise Herries, Jill Grogan, Kimi McAthy, Michelle Dockler, Katie Johnson, Lorinda Krey, Jason Sinden

Special Request/Presentation:  Bryan Schultz – Cross Country/Track Shirts 

  • Request for $1785 for Dri-Fit Shirts – 

    • 10 small

    • 50 medium

    • 20 large

    • Extra for designer, Ed and Bryan

  • Slide deck for Meeting Minutes – Jason will send

  • Discussion: 

    • Parents donate?

    • Rollover account for future years?

      • Line item for tracking on PTO Budget

    • Front first year with family contribution to PTO of $10/year for Maintenance Fee

      • Jeanne made motion - All approve

      • Elise will communicate to Coach Schultz

Principals’ Report:  Lorinda Krey

  • Teacher Grant Requests:

    • Purchase/Expense Requests

      • Lorinda requests they go through her first so she can review them first, one week ahead of PTO meetings

      • PTO Executive Committee receives from Lorinda two weeks before next meeting

      • PTO Board will review and vote electronically via “reply all”

      • If a teacher misses the deadline, they will be asked to wait until the following month to receive their answer

    • 3rd Grade Request – Sensory Tiles ($130.95) – All Approve

    • 3rd Grade Request – Scarves (~$20) – All Approve

    • 2nd Grade Request: Durrer/Snider – Easels on wheels w/ anchor charts ($160/ea or $320) – All Approve

  • 5th Grade Shirts

    • Ms. White is ready to go, Julie Zes is chair

    • Kids are designing shirts

    • Comes out of $35 fee

  • Proposition 3

    • Please support and share 


Treasurer’s Report:  Sarah Lynch

  • Budget review

  • Credit Card Receipts 

    • Co-VPs will be responsible

    • Especially Amazon – print receipts

Secretary’s Report:  Michelle Dockler


President’s Report:  Lisa Israel and Anna King

  • Welcome to 2023-2024 school year

  • Structure of Meeting – streamline for efficiency

    • Call for agenda items as far in advance as possible

      • Agenda will be sent 1 week prior via Google Docs

      • Please submit all agenda items to the Document no later than 2 days before

        • Please remember this is a living document, any changes made by you will be made for all

      • No hard copies will be distributed, digital only

    • 2-minute updates from all PTO board members

      • What’s up, what do you need from the board, have enough volunteers?

    • Minutes to be sent out before next meeting – 1 week prior for electronic approval

    • VPs should be ready to provide an update on all events at each meeting

  • Updates on Roles

    • VP expectations

      • Communicate, communicate and communicate with each other and your chairs

      • If you have any trouble, reach out to Lisa and Anna

    • Committee Chair Info

      • Do we have committee chairs?

    • Event Summaries

      • Holly had excellent notes/binders on fun run

      • Please create event summaries after all events

VP of Events Report:  Kimi McAthy

  • Fairway Family Night – Lisa chair

    • We need middle schoolers running game stations

    • Nancy needs to order trash cans, tables (11 tables)

    • 8 adults – teachers

    • Nachos, cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn

  • Trunk or Treat

    • Security Company – Resource Officers won’t be available

    • Holly emailed someone for Fire Truck blockade

VP of Fundraising Report:  Hayley Hopper

  • Spirit Wear sales are under way

  • Great Pumpkin Fun Run Chair – Kelly Morgan 

    • Communicate what the fun run will entail

    • Parents are unhappy with the combination – send out communication (Lorinda/Lisa)

      • Lorinda will start draft

  • Glow Bingo Chair – Michelle Dockler

VP of Community Report:  Elise Herries and Jill Grogan

  • School Supports Updates

    • Tons of volunteers

  • Staff Appreciation Plans

  • Grade Level Assistants

    • Gina Stevenson has been setting up

  • Will reach out to Pond and Green Pines for Snowman Challenge

  • Got Your Backpack

    • Hit or miss on when they need volunteers

New Business



Next Meeting Tuesday, October 3rd at 6:30 PM – Fairway Welcome Center (MPR) 

  • Kid care?  Yes