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November 7, 2023 Approved Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2023 Approved Meeting Minutes

Fairway Elementary PTO 

Executive Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 9:30 – 11:00 AM


Attendance:  Lisa Israel, Jeanne Flowers, Trish Svendsen, Elise Herries, Jill Grogan, Michelle Dockler, Alicia Burke, Emily Arff, Sarah Lynch, Lorinda Krey, Katie Johnson, Jason Sinden

Secretary’s Report:  Michelle Dockler

  • October Meeting Minutes:  E-approved 10/31/2023

  • No updated agenda


Treasurer’s Report:  Sarah Lynch

  • Budget out

  • Fun Run income

  • 2 checks delivered from Fun Run Sponsors that never made it to Sarah

    • Harpo’s (Kalie Reiker)

    • Bella (Heather Krako)

  • Doing great on credit card receipts

    • One personal charge that we are working on

    • Create an Amazon Business Duo Account – piggybacked off of Sarah’s personal Prime account.  

      • Jeanne uses this for EHS

Principals’ Report:  Lorinda Krey and Katie Johnson

  • Teacher Grant Requests

    •  3rd Grade Stools Grant – approved via email 10/28/2023

    • Wheelchair access to Gaga Pit and Swing - APPROVED

    • Balls – APPROVED

  • PTO Message Board – scrolling marquis

    • App access – Nancy has limited capability

    • Can someone assist?  Jason Sinden

  • Canopy 

    • Pillar/Pier discussion ongoing

    • Facilities getting bids

President’s Report:  Lisa Israel

  • 1 box of PTO paper purchased

  • Lorinda, Katie, Lisa and Anna met regarding reducing the workload for Nancy

    • 2+ day notice to Nancy at a bare minimum

    • Building Usage

      • Efficient flow chart for building usage to get requests to Nancy per semester

VP of Events Report:  Alicia Burke

  • Trunk or Treat:  Sharon Kuhn Chair

    • Looking for feedback

    • Pros/Cons Day v. Evening and Friday v. Saturday

      • Friday v. Saturday

        • Lean towards Friday evenings

        • More sports events on Saturdays

      • Shorten it – 1.5 hours not needed

        • 6:30 – 7:30 pm

      • Friday Evening Pizza?

        • Necessary on a Friday evening, not so much on a Saturday

      • Free event?

        • Family Fun Night right before – completely free

        • Continue to pay for more commitment

          • Decrease charge amount?

VP of Fundraising Report:  Hayley Hopper

  • Fun Run Feedback

    • Success - overall feedback was great

    • T-shirt debacle – wrong sizes

      • Lorinda – get a full t-shirt size spreadsheet at beginning of year for all events

    • More consistency with messaging/comms

    • Special thanks to Kelly and Trish, Jason and Lorinda

  • Glow Bingo

    • January 26th

    • Have screws for glow lights

    • Do we just purchase black lights?

      • Storage?

      • Get an inventory of what we already have

    • Huge list of volunteers will be needed this year

  • Trivia

    • Follow same format

    • Will start meeting in following month

      • Baseball tournament this weekend, a few volunteers won’t be able to make it

VP of Community Report:  Elise Herries and Jill Grogan

  • Conferences went well - dinner went well, but some signed up for bringing food that didn’t bring food

  • Reminders handed out for 3rd grade snack cart

  • Snowman Challenge – December 11 – 15

  • Winter Parties

    • December 20th

    • Room parents are working on ordering supplies and times 

  • Expenses

    • Beautification

      • Landscaping and garden

      • Vinyl words in student bathrooms need updating

        • Do we stencil and paint instead?

    • Staff Appreciation

    • School Support

      • Support to Fairway or other Rockwood schools

New Business

  • Any available storage in the building for PTO?

    • Conference Room cabinets

      • PTO Storage


Next Meeting Tuesday, December 12 at 6:30 PM